Use this step rate calculator to estimate your premium increases over the first 5 years of professional liability coverage.


To the right, input your current policy premium and the current policy period you are in. 


If you've had coverage for over 6 years you will no longer be in step rate and this calculator will not apply.


What is Step Rate

Step-rate is an industry-wide pricing structure where the cost of insurance is discounted during the early years of professional liability coverage.


For the first 5 years of coverage, your premiums will increase by a decreasing percentage until the law firm is considered mature by the insurance carrier. 


The first year of step rate will be the most substantial with an increase in premium between 20-35%. By the final year of step rate, the premium increase will only be about 5-10%



** We do not guarantee the rates displayed will be your premium year over year. While step rate is a large factor for premium increases, there are other factors that could result in an increase in your future premium. The premiums displayed assume no changes have been made to the firm profile. Changes that could also increase premium include program features, number of attorneys, area of practice, and claim history.